Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Twisting Sequence from the Abbey

Hi All,

Here's the plan for Friday. I'm also using this sequence tonight at group practice at castle hill. Again this is our last practice until July 8. Hope to see you there.

Day Three Twists

Pre Supta Baddha konasana
AMvirasana with legs in regular virasana position
Urdhva Prasarita padasana thirty times.
Jathara Parivar anasana shifting the hips, did three or four sets worked on legs doing at angle toward hands, then keeping in line with hips, then all the way up to hands. Last set not shifting the hips worked with motion did fast several times.


Utt worked on engaging obliques in concave position and while we were pulling head toward shins but then release that work as we extended the head down.

Parsva utthita hasta padasana work on turning the abdomen away from turned leg and extending opposite arm just like in Jathara

Trikonasana Did twice

Parrivritta go into pose quickly from parsva.
Partner work strap on pelvis lift pelvis up and back a little to get out of the sinking feeling in the hips.

M3 foot at wall, no clasp work in whatever way you need to to get in. Lifted bent leg foot up to help bring it in closer. Then extended back arm away just like Jathara walk up the spine like we do in backbends and pranayama to create space.

M3 back arm to the wall. Hand a little above the shoulders. Start with palm up and then turn arm externally and turn fingers. Press elbow against knee to help with the turning.

Ardha Matsyendrasan prep (start sitting on foot then move foot out to gomukasana legs. Settles the outer hip.

Ardha Matsyendrasana back arm to wall, working the same way.

Pasasana (do first stage of malasana to prep) work to keep knees even and really descend the groin of the leg you are turning away from. Back hand to the wall.

Then moved back to middle of the room.

M3 working on clasp. First time clasp with the arm around the knee, second time clasp but do the behind the back arm first, then the front arm.

AMatsyendrasana clasping. Twice same thing, work arm around knee first time then work back arm around first and then front arm.

Ardha Padma padmottasana.

Ardha matsyendrasana II.

Prep for Marichyasana IV. One leg in padmasana the other in marichyasana but don’t cross the foot over the knee.

Bharadvajasana II if possible, If not BI. Feel twist in lower spine and move all the way up through the nadis try to feel the Chandra side of the nose, make eyes soft notice which eye is looking harder and then look with the other one.

Matsyasana flat on back legs supported if they don’t go down with flat spine.



Urdhva Padmasana in sarvangasana if possible. If not, Upa vishta (legs straight up) and BK.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some Information about Summer Yoga in Austin

Hi All,

Austin yogis and yogini's are on the road a lot this summer. But worry not. Classes will be covered.

For example, Stacey is teaching my AYS noon class while I am in Greece and Turkey
Yves is teaching Peggy's classes at AYS while she is in Pune.
Stacey and Paul are covering for Devon while she is in Ecuador.

Please note that I have updated a lot of information on the side bar.

"Practice. All is coming."

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ropes Workshop Saturday May 21, CSS 3-5

Hi All, I'll be having another ropes workshop a week from Saturday. We'll look at how the ropes improve backbends and inversion. Cost is $30.00 for the two hour class.

Summer Schedule

Hi Everyone,

Next Friday the 20th will be our last practice for awhile.

Devon and I will both be traveling the month of June. I am going to Greece and Turkey. Devon is going to Ecuador.

Practice will resume July 8 (i'll be back but still jetlagged) and 15.

And then again go on a two week break while I am in Durango studying with PW.

and then We will start back the first of August Friday August 5th.

Keep practicing and thanks for all your support.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There is practice Friday and the next two weeks also!!!

Hi All,

We are on for practice this week. Randy is even coming down from Dallas.

here's a backbend sequence from the April Patricia walden retreat at the Abbey.

AMS head supported long hold
Supta virasana thighs belted taking as little support as possible, move pevic bones toward each other and down to floor.
Full bhekasana
AMS on blocks
UMS on blocks,
Regular UMS
Supta virasana block on tailbone
Ardha supta virasana, bringing top leg into chest as much as possible.
Sirsasana prep from AMS take hold of ankles and lift up
Sirsana holding the block behind head.
Full parsvaikapada twice on each side.
Virasana in sirsasana with back bend prepping for dropping over.
AMVrk coming up and down with two legs balancing by bringing the tailbone in and being strong through the inner ankles.
Scorpion in AMVrk at wall.
PM balancing.
Chair urdhva D over back of chair with whatever height is needed… She noted the point of this
Urdhva D from floor working on getting maximum lift in the inner arms like AMVrk.

Standing back arch or drop backs several
Dropping over to dwi pada feet on chair several . we alternated this with
Arching back kapotasana prep with pelvis on chair and then back to dropping over on the chair.

Urdhva D in middle of the room three times verticality in the chest and then shift weight to legs to come up, walk in, lift pelvis inner, draw abdomen in to get more opening in the chest.

Kapotasana prep dropping back to floor three times, put bolster behind legs if thighs are dropping. Be strong in the upper legs.

Urdhva Dhanurasana to Dwi Pada first stage with bent legs. Several times.

Full Dwi Pada, strap on ankles wiggle feet out keeping verticality in chest and height in pelvis. Try to increase height of both by pulling on the belt.

Chakrabandasana make a double looped belt around ankles use it to pull hands closer to ankles (Come to dwi pada, walk feet in, lift head up, open palms walk hands and feet toward each other.

Kapotasana dropping over and reaching hands to feet before landing as much as possible.

Tadasana- meditative
Prasarita paddottasana
Parsvo tanasana
Ardha halasana
Chair karnapidasana