Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mary Scott has a new class Fridays High Noon at Austin Yoga.

Iyengar Yoga in Austin is pleased to announce that there's another Iyengar-tradition class on the roster. Mary Scott is currently in  the AYI teacher training. She will be offering classes in the Iyengar tradition Friday's at  Austin Yoga.  Come one, come all!

Here's a bit more info  about Mary.

I started yoga in 2000 when I injured my elbow roller skating.  I started teaching at the request of my teacher, Karuna Nicols, in 2006, but did not become a registered 200 hour teacher until 2011.  My favorite way to spend a weekend is in a yoga workshop.  While all Iyengar teachers are wonderful and amazing, I've spent most my time with H. S. Arun and George Purvis.  I'm currently pursuing both a 500 hour training and an Introductory
Iyengar certification.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Update on Anne's Friday class and Advanced Practice

Contrary to what was previously posted, I will be having  class at  10 AM  this  Friday at Clear Spring.  Yippee!

Here's an  update on  the  Friday Practice schedule.  We are  off until Oct 11  but the good new is  after that  there is only one week off  all fall. Yippee! 

Here's the 
10/11 Anne
10/18 Devon
10/25  no class workshop and  Anne is away. 
11/1  Anne
11/8  Devon
11/22  Anne
11/29  TBA thanksgiving, there will probably be practice. 
12/6  Devon
12/13  Anne
12/20  Devon

Friday, September 13, 2013

More PW backbends

 Here's the plan for this afternoon.  This is the last  practice for a couple weeks due to events at the studio.  Tonight, we actually need to end a little before  six because there's a group coming in. 

Remember the new price  $20.00, still the best yoga deal in town, great yoga in great company.

Patricia in Durango 7/24/13 Day 4 Backbends
Sit w/o blankets, unless structural issue

Upana-samana kriya


Walk feet in and rise up on metatarsals and use wrists to go back onto heels, rock back and forth

Urdhva baddha guliasana
First arms parallel to floor, shoulder blades in, then take hands up
Take chin up thoughtfully, head slightly forward, raise chin from anterior tailbone

Belts around wrists if needed, head back slightly

Uttanasana (repeat)
UH, look up
Urdhva namaskarasana
Utkatasana (don't let feet shrink)
VB 1 (pelvic heads up, eyes to back skull, look at back heel)
Eka pada AMS
Eka pada UMS, toes forward
chaturanga dandasana
Chaturanga (repeat w/UMS)

Standing on 2 low blocks, tadasana to UH, then eyes up

AM Vrksasana
Come down lightly w/2 legs
Place low blocks @wall, jump up
Mind remains taller


Supta Virasana
On what support you need or straight on floor

Supta Vajrasana (bekasana for those w/knee prob)
Ankles belted, feet together, for groins
Back of head to floor, lift pelvic heads up, buttocks to back thighs, pressurize metatarsals, tailbone away from head then lift it up

First ardha, lift inner upper arms and feel weight in elbows
Once up, thighs turn out, circularize buttocks, tailbone in (not lifting yet), balance w/inner groins moving back, then tailbone lifts

Parivrrta eka pada 1st stage

Vajrasana in sirsasana, toes point down

AMVrk prep for vrkchykasana
Hands away from wall, feet to wall, lift buttocks/tailbone up, then look towards wall, walk down wall w/feet, take shins and tops of feet to wall, feel action in thoracic

Backbend in chair
Sit facing away from wall, hands to wall thoracic arches over back seat bar, buttocks slightly forward, heels press ground
Then take buttocks and thighs up, press inner heels, move into upper back, walk up or down wall w/hands, back thighs up as you arch back, root of thigh down into heel as you stand up

Urdhva danurasana
no support

then w/hands on blocks @wall and feet on bolster, walk feet to edge of bolster and press heels down, toes up, lighter pose w/hands & feet supported

UD prep for viparita dandasana
Head stays on floor but move in towards feet, shins back lift toes to try to lift thoracic to perpendicular to floor

Drop backs to viparita dandasana onto chair @wall
Legs bent (not straight) coming up to sirsasana, feet stretch to wall, shoulder blades up thoracic deep in, abdomen in
walk down wall to chair, lift tailbone to come up
Then drop onto bolster or floor

Viparita dandasana prep
Feet onto low blocks @wall, toes up wall keep knees toward wall, head to sirsasana 2, lift shoulder blades, then take hands behind head, take shins away from wall, lift head if possible

Then swing into thoracic w/head off floor

Then walk elbows out progressively w/o losing height in buttocks and thighs (they also move towards wall as elbows move out)

1st stage of kapotasana
2nd sage of ustrasana, thighs at wall, take hands overhead, thighs may leave wall, walk in w/hands
Also facing away from wall, walking hands down the wall from ustrasana w/hands overhead

Chakra bandasana from viparita dandasana
head must come off floor, feet close together, need strength and freedom in thighs, belt looped around ankles for hands to catch, need to keep height in thighs/buttocks/armpits as you progressively walk in with hands and feet,
DPVD w/straight legs is prep for chakra bandasana because of height it gives in chest

Prone savasana
Blanket under abdomen

Feet on blocks @wall

Prasarita padotanasana
Hold ankles, head supported

Hook feet to outer edge of chair uprights, knees spread wide apart like baddha konasana, blankets support outer hips


Friday, September 6, 2013

Advanced Practice Sequence for Today

We'll  do  this  PW  backbend sequence  notes courtesy of  Susan Wong

Patricia in Durango 7/23/13 Day 3
Sutra 1.41, relationship w/sutra 1.3
Mind like a transparent jewel when in state of yoga

Element of water in intercostals and ribs

From stability of back ribs, intercostals, frontal ribs, sternum lift & spread

Sidewalls of chest are a storehouse of energy; side body moves forward and lifts

How the knees are in swastikasana affects the groins; when to use blankets

Swastikasana directly on floor

hands to wall, for arms, median line of leg by inner/outer heel down & outer calf back

Then heels to wall, use wrists and hands for legs

2 blocks (under each shoulder blade), belt for legs, blanket under neck (3rd block if available) if needed, reach thru hands press metatarsals

Place hands on feet to come up

Then w/1 block in thoracic spine

Urdhva baddha guliasana

Thoracic spine in, inner upper arms lifting (so arms don't collapse)

Then head on block, can grasp front of mat to move thoracic spine further in

(One leg forward, Paschima namaskar)
VB 1
VB 2
Eka pada AMS

Pincha mayurasana
Palms face each other, press sharp line betw elbow and wrist, lift spine thru inner ankles

Don't take tailbone up, turn thighs in, thigh above knee back, calves up

First w/no blocks, prep by turning back thighs out, straighten toes back and lengthen, turn heels out

Then on 2 blocks
Area between shoulder blades form a valley, press blocks w/palms, raise chin, lift chest and straighten arms in 3 stages

Length inner calves, broaden back muscles of legs, bring side chest forward between arms, lift upper abdomen toward chest, let lower abdomen move toward feet

Remember action in back betw shoulder blades from UMS, keep feet intelligized, elongate shins thru feet, inner heel to outer heel

Start in vajrasana, then lift chin/chest, then take hands to waist, arch back, then take hands to feet, sternum parallel to floor

Tadasana w/hands interlaced behind palms face floor w/pinkies closer to buttocks, this is 3rd arm position for ustrasana

Repeat ustrasana w/3rd hand position before bringing hands to feet, feel effect on chest and shoulder blades

Backbend in chair
come in backwards thru chair
Sticky mat on chair with blanket(s), tips of shoulder blades to edge of chairseat

modified chatoosh padasana
Then reach thru chair legs and grasp ankles, heels stay on floor w/inner heels pressing, thighs stay parallel(can use belt looped around feet if you can't reach ankles) feel the length in front groins (iliacus) above thighs, tailbone towards front chairseat, turn knees in any amount, shins back

Backbend in chair
Traditional way step into chair, do the pose from the eyes, hold chair legs once legs straight, go up/down 2-3 times from eyes to see what freedom comes to spine

Urdhva danurasana
Feet to chairseat, chair at wall, mat on floor, keep buttocks moving towards chair/wall, pressurize palms and heels and lift armpit chest and tailbone

Carolyn demonstrates transition to tadasana, walk in and take legs over together

Urdhva danurasana
Feet onto 2 low blocks @wall, stay w/your foundation, especially when repeating, don't get careless - injury can come.
Buttocks close to blocks, toes up wall, knees touch wall when coming up but stay near/move towards wall once up in pose, walk in with arms

Then hands to wall
(Use blocks for tight shouders)
Come up towards leg side, lift thighs and buttocks maximally then swing towards arm side until arms perpendicular, lift hips to height of ribs

repeat for restriction in armpits, take forehead to wall and walk in

Backbends stimulate udana vayu, but can also leave you feeling agitated if overdone or not done skillfully

Then repeat away from wall

Prone savasana

Feet hip-width apart
Sarvangasana - come up w/bent legs
Halasana, arms overhead

Slide off the foot end of blankets and rest w/head and part of torso on sarvangasana blanket stack, rest there

Then slide off until only head is supported, important to rest the anterior spine after backbends, leave feeling integrated and not overstimulated