Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March practice schedule

> Hi Everyone, here's the advanced practice schedule for March.
> No practice March 2. Originally, the workshop with Devon and Theresa was scheduled to start, but now it starts on Saturday, but I have another obligation and Devon will be prepping for her workshop.
> March 9 there is no practice because the studio is rented for a training.
> March 16 things look good. I'll lead us through a Patricia Walden backbending sequence from the Abbey in March.
> March 23. Devon will lead us through a Patricia Walden sequence from her time in Santa Fe

Two exciting events on Saturday March 10

Two exciting events on Saturday March 10

2-3:30 Austin School of Yoga (regular asana class, inversions and forward bends) regular class drop in rate $18.00

3:30-5:30 Special workshop with Anne How to Do Things with Chairs. $40.00

Come learn how chairs improve standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists, and inversions. We’ll even use them for a few arm balances.

Friday, February 24, 2012

There is Practice FRIDAY.

Yes, I'm back finally and the studio is free. Let's open the hips. Here's a rough sequence from the abbey with a few of my notes to myself in it.

Day four

Paryankasana on brick, thighs belted, arms holding elbows support if necessary
Parsva Dandasana getting lots of lift and extension
AMVrk, 1 leg both legs, coming down. Work close to wall.
PM hand prep with knife edge of arms pressing down, turn thumbs out
PM full pose three times without block if you can maintain form, first with palms facing then regular.
Parsva Sirasana keeping lift on opposite side of body, press right leg into left as turning to left, lift left side,
Then we did a series of wide leg hip openers than are a padmasana and beyond prep but also good in their own right to work with as they promote a sattvic state.

One leg in BK on little toe side other leg in UVK.

upavista other leg in MI reduce space between leg and torso and turn to the center. Then worked in two stages of foot moving more away from midline and also away from groin.

Then one leg in virasana other leg in Upa vistak

Then one leg in js and other leg in UVK.


M2 prep, bk and MI leg then padmasana foot and MI leg, draw in like samkatasana not turning.

One leg in uvk other going toward padmasana in stages first lift leg up and hold above thigh, then hold, on thigh then rest on thigh. Each time moving Upavistha leg in closer.

BK in there somewhere.

Bharhadvajasana 2. Compared with Ardha Baddha padmottansana, which is an easier padamasana, B2 because foot is higher.

Then padmasana showed lift of foot on the block then a neat trick of putting leg on blanket and pulling leg up on top by pulling the blanket.


Looked at the work in Parsvakonasana and Parivritta parsvakonasana. Did once each.

Ardha badha paddmottasana, first stage of bringing foot way up and then letting go of the foot.

Sarvangasana, Urdhva padmasana pindasana. Sarvangasana, Halasana.

Setu bandha on brick savasana.

Lengthening out from the groin causes some prior gripping with me. And I realized that the top foot of padmasana is dragging my thigh skin the wrong way. And with left leg I really can’t quite get in the right place.

Nonetheless, the best padmasana sequence I’ve had lately.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Laurie Blakeney is Coming to San Marcos School of Yoga!

Hi Everyone. Please come to Laurie this weekend.

Here's the link