Monday, July 27, 2009

Sequence for Friday July 31

Gillian will be leading us in this sequence from Manouso it is about Lengthening Low Back /creating Space in low back

Palms down on chair seat under shoulders, right angle, lengthen both sides of low back, feet under hips.
Chair Twists @ wall, 2 variations, sideways in chair, backwards through chair.
Chair Parsvottanasana 2x
Chair Parvritta Trikonasana, straight arm 1x, forearm on chair 2x.
Sirsasana, left outer buttocks, squeeze, lift buttocks off low back, separate feet & lift, legs higher.
Backbend through chair, 1 blanket roll at low back, straight legs, push through heels, push blanket towards buttocks to lengthen low back.
then 2 blanket roll, low back, tie belt to bottom rung of chair, Kapotasana prep, bent legs, raise heels, pull belt, chair moves into upper back, buttocks away from low back. 2x
3 blanket roll, pigeon, support bent leg buttock w/ arms on chair seat @ chest 2x, 2nd time raise knee (inner.)
Halasana w/ feet on chair, little toes in chair triangles, lift center thigh higher than sit bones, low back round.
Chair Sarvangasana, hamstrings down, arms @ sides.
Chair Savasana.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sequence for Friday July 24 3:30 Clear Spring

Hi Everyone, Here's the last of the Patricia Walden sequences from the retreat I went to in April.

Gillian has some Manouso sequences that we'll start working through in the not too distant future.

Day Six
Padmasana, upright one time each side
Matysenasana spine wise support as much as you need to keep legs down
Then with brick in middle back and support for head and arms as needed do all Paryankasana actions, then without support the flat.
AMVirasana legs wide
Parsva AMV
AMS two bricks for feet (at wall)
AMS classic
AMS two brick for hands
AMS support head hands at wall
Utt head support let armpits relax down, legs wide.
Prasarita Paddot head support upright, concave down
Then with feet on blocks
AMVrk two blocks keep quietness
AMVrk With two bolsters or higher to support under head
Then back to blocks, did many time can alternate head support and not, keeping quietness form the support
Trikonasana many variations, before each side do utthita Ardha bhekasana with the leg that will be back leg, keep knees level open the groin first variation work with back leg like someone pulling back on strap have front forearm on chair (all of these are for working with releasing hip restriction).

Parsva utthita padasana on blocks don’t go to trik
Front foot up wall
Use top arm to turn move.
AC with Chair
Ac with front leg turns out
AMS hands to wall then amv
UH then waterfall down to Utt
Parsvotanasan heels at wall, concave then down
Eka pada rajakaptotasana II prep, get vertical pelvis lunge forward resist front thigh repeat lift arms up second time, hands on chair first time.
Back leg in bhekasana, keep heel in contact with buttock go down.
Eka pada raja I balance right and left with height work on verticality, hands on chair then lift arms up
Hanumanasna with bolster and chair same actions then arms up
Urdhva Mukha Svanasana on chair
Parivritta lots of turn, then spilt legs, bring back leg way back then front leg to meet it can bend front leg if arms short put blanket under elbows move hands after you twist. A couple times each side then
Drop back to Setu B
Chair sarvangasana
Niralamba feet at wall
Chair sarvangasana or viparita karani variation
Savasana legs on chair.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sequence for Friday July 17th 3:30 Clear Spring Practice

Bharadvajasana I on blankets twist only then reverse cross of feet
Prasarita Paddottansana Concave Back only
Supta Baddha Konasana with two belts (belt each thigh then do the Paryankasana work as before but with no brick
Supta Tadasana Supta UH
Supta Pad I hold toe and then sides of feet, take down leg out wide
Supta Pad II use strap take down leg out wide first time leg only slightly above the hips second time toward shoulder
Parivritta Supta Pada II use strap let leg go to floor then turn back, twice
Supta P III twice
Eka pada AMS working toward Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana at wall, four times
Third time make foot flat at wall.
Utt Hasta padangushstasana
UPEP classic pose
Parsva Utt Hasta pad
Anantasana but keep arm down
Sirsasana, Eka pada halfway then down
Parsva Eka pada directly from Eka pada and then classic
BK use hands to fully turn the thigh UH arms then fold forward
Upa vistha Konasana forward with horizontal block or blanket under abdomen
Then upright hands I UB
Supta prasarita padottasana
Then one leg BK and the other UVK do twice first line up with Bk leg second line up with UVK leg taken as far back as possible
Parsva UVK twist only
Parivritta UVK up then go down
Parsva UVK fold but spend a long time getting rotation
Parsva dandasana
M3 lift buttocks high and grab extended leg
SP3 moving bent leg like in BK
Eka pada Sirsasana on blanket leg bent second time bottom leg straight
Ardha yogi nidrasana
Mini chatush sacrum on very low block
Mini bujangasana adjusting sacrum
Then middle block chatush and tall block
Eka pada Setu bandha
Parivritta Eka pada sarvangasana
Drop over one leg at a time first bent then keeping leg straight as long as possible, then both legs but keep them bent

Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to do things with chairs

Come Learn How To Do Things with Chairs !!!

Have you ever wonder exactly what to do with those backless yoga chairs you see in yoga studios and on the web? Here’s your chance to find out. Each workshop will focus on a different aspect of how chairs can enhance your yoga practice.

Three Special Workshops with Anne Bowery, Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor

Saturday July 18 Chair Backbends
Saturday August 22, Chair Twists and Forward Bends.
Saturday September 5 Standing Poses and Inversions.

The Workshops will be held from 3-5 at Clear Spring Studio.

$25.00 each workshop. Take two workshops for $45.00. Take all Three for $60.00.

Backless chairs are available for purchase $40.00 regular chairs, $55 for small chairs, $95.00 for tall chairs.

Call Anne Bowery at 512- 468 2808 or email her at to register or to purchase yoga chairs.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Backbends this friday CSS 3:30

AMS normal
Jump to Uttansana
Supta tadasana vertical brick bent shoulder blades, same work with arms as previous repeat with elbows on floor to get more lift then do with out block and raise legs and arms for uttana padasana.
UH uttansana step back to AMS
Do AMS with block and then without and compare the difference
Tadasana urdhva baddangulisana
Uttansana, (repeat T UB Utt)
Then jump back and forth from utt to AMS keeping arms strong and pelvis high
Gomukasana work, top arm, use other arm to help, bottom arm, ditto use other arm to help, clasp, lift up, pull down try to move wrists away from back.
UH to UN
Paschima namascarasana, with motion, watch evenness of sides
Parsvottansana, upright then down, to prasarita padottasana II, then other side, come up and do full second side.
Sirsasana, virasana, Parsva virasana, Parsva virasana to Parsva Sirsasana, Parsva Sirsasana, Parsva Sirsasana to parivritta, then parivritta alone and back to Sirsasana.
Sirsasana II, then virasana variation
Supta virasana horizontal brick shoulder blades, then low brick then medium brick under tailbone.
AMVrk change legs Ardha Amvrk, Eka pada, then balance, the Amvrk on two bricks
PM Sirsasana hands and regular balance in middle of room if you can.
Dwi pada vertical mat roll on blanket chatush stage, (bent legs) then straighten, do the various arm positions,
Dwi pada taking head to floor Sirsasana hands (can keep vertical blanket roll, it is quite lovely) bent legs and straight.
Dwi pada holding chair legs (same as above)
Chatush padasana, grab ankles, walk shoulders in, work with motion, and lift toes move shins toward chest
Then UD prep to top of head, same motion work with leg, direct motion to where you are stiff,
Then come to top of head and bring hands back to ankles. Same motion work. Did each of the chatush two or three times.
Dhanurasana but keep knees down to open chest more going toward bujangasana II

Head on trifold, UD prep arms, push up, lift head pump forward, bring head down pump, push back up to UD
Dwi pada several times working with pumping motion and repeating the various stages all the way from chatush as necessary
Then Dwi pada staying and holding
Chair lajuvajrasana, hold front of the thighs drop head back to chair seat.
Sirsasana dropping to chair, can drop with bent legs to chair seat or more advanced bring both legs to wall and work with straight legs
Sirsasana drop overs in middle of room
Full Dwi pada using belt around toes.
Kapotasana, dropping over walk in to get feet brick between feet can do walking down wall with bolster behind thighs to keep verticality in legs
Prone savasana blanket under navel band
Ardha Halasana
Karnapidasana feet on top of chair
Savasana legs on chair