Friday, August 31, 2012

Group practice this afternoon Clear Spring 4:30

This one is a combo from two Arun classes in  Dallas


Parsva Swastikasana  facing wall, both knees touching wall,  elbow and forearm on  wall,  hand on  block,  turn in  upright  position,    repeated  twice each side.

Adho muka  Swastikasana   hands  at  wall  keep  head level with  arms,  push away from wall, no  mat so you can  slide

Parvirtta  swastikasana,   elbow on floor,  hand on  outer knee,  back hand   up above shoulder at wall,   turn  

Parvritta  Swastikasana away from wall,  arm  action like Trikonasana,  bring ribs in, same  elbow on floor  hand on  outer knee.

Virsana on support you  need,  don’t bring knees in to touch keep  even with femur bone.

Parsva Virasana  front hand on  outside  back of  knee  keep there,  back  hand reach around to ankle if  possible, or  toe, or use  strap.
Avira  hands at  wall, 

Parivrtta  Vira    elbow between knees and holding outside of  knee opposite  hand on waist.

BK  belt on feet  let toes  be active  pushing away from each other,   

AM  BK   hands on  wall, rest  abdomen on stomach.

Parivrtta   BK  hold  ankle or strap  turn, keep  elbows bent and palm flat on block in all. 

Tadasana  brick between feet -move inner ankles to block
Tadasana  brick between knees
Flexible ones  stand on  two folded blankets  for next uttansana
trikonasana  with tall block on inside of  front foot move ankle to block. also don't turn back foot in.
angular trikonasana to get more turn
AC  virasana in top foot  inner ankle to imaginary block
Sirsasana  with calves belted a bit apart  take feet to wall with knees bent (shin distance from wall)
go down keep head on floor take hands to AMS palms out  at wall, then utt, the bend knees and rest forehead on block.
sirsasana again with block behind head same  go to AMS but with feet together and high up on toes and squeeze block with elbows  to utt and  rest head on block
niralamba using chair to hold on at first then independent of chair,
sarvangasana on chair with legs in BK
then in VK
then down to savasana legs in chair

Monday, August 27, 2012

George is Coming to San Marcos

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that George Purvis will be in San Marcos  one month from today.

The early bird discount  ends  Sept  10.  You can  register at

Here's the relevant info: Spread the word and hope to see you there.

School of Yoga San Marcos is pleased to present: 

A Weekend Workshop with Senior Iyengar teacher George Purvis
September 28-30, 2012

Friday, September 28th, 6-8:30pm
Saturday, September 29th, 10-12:30pm
Saturday, September 29th, 3-5:30pm
Sunday, September 30th, 10-12:30pm

Tuition for the entire weekend is $225
*Early bird discount before Sept 10th is $200

Tuition for each individual session is $60
Space is limited, please reserve your space early.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Here's the Fall Advanced Practice Schedule

Here's the list of  dates for Advanced Practice through the first of the year.  
August  24  Practice
August  31  Practice 

Sept 7  No practice  Hakoni at  studio and  Edwin Bryant  is in Dallas
sept 14   Practice
Sept  21   Practice
Sept  28  No Practice There is  something at the studio  and also  George Purvis s in San Marcos!!

Oct   5     No practice Hakoni  at Studio
Oct 12     Practice
Oct 19    No practice Oct. 19 MEN'S RETREAT.
Oct  26   No  practice   John Schumacher in dallas.

Nov  2  No practice Hakoni at studio
Nov  9    Practice
Nov  16  No  practice  Patrica Walden  in   Dallas.
Nov  23  Practice
Nov 30   Practice 

Dec 14 No Practice  Hakoni at Studio
Dec  21  Practice
Dec  28 Practice 

Jan 4  Practice

Backbends this Friday

Here's a sequence Devon will lead us through. Looks totally fun. 

Jr.  I / III sequence: partial syllabi, emphasizing the BB parts.

dandasana –arms down and then urdhva hastasana
small twists, fwd hand pulls twist, back hand supports uprightness and UPward lift.
Upavistha konasana – arms down, then urdhva hastasana, then twists
 baddha konasana arms down
[trikonasana to] ardha chandrasana
vira I
utthita hasta padangusthasana
17.  parivrtta utthita hasta padangusthasana (ygw, pl 124)
parivrtta trikonasana classical
uttanasana classical
[utthita parsva hasta padangusthasana]
1. ardha baddha padmottanasana classical
21.  malasana I, arms around legs and back; see loy pl 319-320
18. bhujapidasana
15.  jathara parivartanasana (legs straight, as far down as possible)

adho mukha svanasana
adho mukha vrksasana palms outward, palms forward
19.  adho mukha vrksasana with palms back as in mayurasana, but apart and at a distance of one and a half feet from the wall
20.  pincha mayurasana, palms downwards, then palms upward as far as possible
9.  salamba sirsasana II
salamba sirsasana I
11.  parsvaikapada sirsasana classical, foot to floor
10.  parivrttaikapada sirsasana

bhekasana (Jr. I)
Paryankasana, with block,  then full pose (Jr. I)
dwi pada viparita dandasana through chair, fingers interlocked behind head on floor or on support if necessary (Jr. I)
urdhva dhanurasana I through chair,, hands or feet on floor or on blocks if needed.  Push up fully (Jr. I);
from 2 bolsters, hands and feet on floor (Jr. II)
24.  urdhva dhanurasana I straight up from the ground
25.  dwi pada viparita dandasana without chair: 
         first time, with elbows supported against wall, and bent-legged feet on one-foot high support if props are available (e.g. viparita karani box, sb bench that does not skid)
         second time:  away from wall with feet on floor, bent knees
supta swastikasana (Jr.I)
matsyasana (Jr. II)

adho mukha svanasana resting from backbends
adho mukha virasana for resting the back
[prep: upright semi-twisting janu sirsasana, bent knee way out]
3. parsva upavistha konasana (loy pl. 152)
 4.  parivrtta upavistha konasana (similar to parivrtta janu sirsa, but the legs are in upavistha konasana position)
5.  parivrtta janu sirsasana
6. parivrtta paschimottanasana
16.  ardha matsyendrasana I arm straight and gripping foot (Jr. I
2. ardha baddha Padma paschimottanasana  classical
8. marichyasana II (loy, pl. 145-147)
7.  akarna dhanurasana I and II ( loy, pl. 175)
23.  eka pada sirsasana (loy pl 369-371)
22.  kurmasana II arms extended backwards; see loy pl 369-371

Parsva Halasana (Jr. I)
Salamba sarvangasana
Sarvangasana II (Jr. I)
Ekapada sarvangasana
Parsvaikapada sarvangasana
12.  urdhva padmasana in sarvangasana insofar as possible (Sub: baddha kona)
13.   pindasana in sarvangasana (if Padma in sarvanga does not come in Int. Jr. III, then it should be learned for assessment at Int. Sen. I, or Int. Sr. II at the latest.) (Sub: virasana pinda in sarvanga)
14.  setu bandha sarvangasana coming up two feet to sarvangasana (Jr. I and III)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finally we are back on for Advanced Practice

This one is from Day two in Durango.  See you at 4:30 on Friday.  Yippee

Swastikasana  - invocation,  internalize your mind by taking the eyes and ears inward. Trace the median lines anterior, posterior and both laterals, center- line within, feel effect from that
Tadasana  - sharp edges of the heels, inner, outer, back, lengthen neck of the big toe
Uttanasana – wide legs, wide arms (spread the shoulder blades), outer calves in, inner knees to outer knees, outer knees back, spread the buttock bones, compact hips, torso away from thighs
AMS – head on block
Uttanasana – legs more narrow
AMS – head on block, bring head in closer to legs w/out deltoids rolling in (Randy), turn the inner deltoid out
Prasarita Padottanasana – head down on back of head, past crown of head
            2nd x, arms in urdhva baddhanguliyasana, then in pose arms into paschima baddhanguliyasana, outer lat muscles toward the spine, dorsal spine in, hands stay near the sacrum, switch sides, other interlace
Paryankasana – over blocks
Supta Virasana – belt the legs
Sirsasana – 5 minutes
Supta Padangusthasana I –
Supta tadasana –take right above the pubis down and relax the buttock
Pubic bone belongs to the down leg, both sides of waist and equal and long, leg in to socket
Supta baddha konasana
Supta Padangusthasana II – from the kidney keep the down leg hamstring on the floor. Maintain connection of both sides of sacrum floor
Parivrtta Supta Padangusthasana – maintain the back ribs on the floor as the leg crosses over.
Pasvottanasana – tadasana, hands in Paschima Namaskarasana, step leg way back , levelize the groins, come down halfway, pause, come up switch sides. Second time bring chin to shin. Press back outer heel and front inner heel, lift groin on the front leg, when in pose, move back leg groin forward without losing the ground of the heel.
Sirsasana with variations – bones are the earth and muscles are water. Three buttocks – top, middle, bottom (crease area)
            Parva Sirsasana
            Shift the shoulders in the opposite direction of the ribs
Eka pada
            Parivrtta eka pada – legs not so wide today
Bharadvajasana – Vimanasana arms to spread the chest, make the front arm revolves faster, once the forearms passes the leg then lower, bend the arms to increase the turn, turn head opposite direction to soften the mind without losing clarity, lift kidney on the back side, front side ribs concave.
            Eka pada
            Parsva eka pada
Setu Bandha drop-backs – 2 ways to come up, 1. Spring off the toes, 2. Rock onto the heels and with momentum come up.

Setu Bandha on block as Savasana