Monday, December 27, 2010

Saturday Yoga Class at Austin Yoga with Stacey and Anne

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that Stacey and I will be co-teaching the Saturday
class. Stacey plans to go up for her Intro I assessment in the near future. I'm really excited about working with her as it offers the opportunity for an ongoing class in the Saturday noon time slot. The Dates are now correct thanks to Peggy and Devon for checking.

Here's the schedule as we know it through May.

Jan 8, 2011

Using the Ropes - Anne

Jan 15

Forward Bends Stacey

Jan 22

No class Sharon Conry and Peggy Kelley workshop.

January 29

Working toward Maha Mudra and Pranayama Anne

Feb 5

Standing Poses and Backbends anne

Feb 12

Forward Bends Anne

Feb 19

Backbends Stacey

Feb 26

Inversions Anne

March 5

Standing Poses Stacey

March 12

Forward Bends Anne

March 19

No class

Theresa Rowland and Devon dederich workshop

March 26

Backbends Stacey

April 2

Standing Poses and armbalances Anne

April 9

Forward Bends and Twists Anne

April 16

No Class Mary Obendorfer Workshop at CSS

April 23

Backbends Anne

April 30

TBA Stacey

May 7

Standing Poses and Inversions Anne

May 14

Forward Bends and Twists Stacey

May 21

Backbends Anne

May 28

Inversions Anne

Twisting Workshop with Gillian Jan 29 2-4

Hi All, Gillian's back teaching.

Put this one on your calendar's.

You are invited to twist with me January 29th, 2-4pm at Castle Hill Fitness.

The workshop will focus on the importance of keeping your spine flexible so that we can feel young inside and out.

sign-up at

Hope to see you there! Please pass along to anyone you think may be interested.

Gillian Barksdale

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Advanced Practice Schedule for the Spring

Hi All, These are the practice dates and locations for Jan 7-27 as best as I can predict them at this point.

January 7 11 backbends for 2011
January 14 no practice Anne and Devon in Dallas for workshop.
January 21. Anne will lead a short inversion practice at CSS. 4:30 5:30 so people can attend workshop at AYS.
January 28 Practice at CSS Topic TBA

February 4 Practice at CSS Topic TBA
February 11 Practice at Anne's house email her at for directions

February 18 No Practice Anne and Devon in Dallas for workshop.
February 25 Practice at Clear Spring.

march 4 Devon will lead practice at Clear Spring.
march 11 Possible practice at Anne's will let you know.
March 18. Anne will lead a short inversion practice 4:30-5:30 so people can attend workshop at AYS.

March 25 No practice Anne and Devon at workshop.

April 1 Practice at Clear Spring
April 8 Practice at Clear SPring
April 15 No practice mary obendorfer workshop at CSSS
April 22 Devon will lead practice at CSS
April 29 No practice, Anne and Devon at workshop

May 6th No practice Anne and Devon at Workshop.
May 13 Practice at Clear Spring
May 20 Practice at Clear Spring.
May 27th Practice at Anne's house.

Advanced Practice this Friday 11-1

Hi All, Friday Advanced Practice will be at CASTLE HILL FITNESS this week at a different time, 11-1 to accommodate various holiday events. Christina Sell will lead a fun filled backbend practice, at least I think it will be backbends.

Devon will lead practice at the regular time New Years Eve Day next week and she will also lead a ...

SPECIAL NEW YEAR'S DAY CLASS: Saturday, January 1st, 10am-noon, 108 Surya Namaskar to dedicate ourselves to the new year, 2011.

Practice January 7th will be 11 backbends for 2011.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Backbends and twists

Courtesy of Devon

BB’s and Twists Dec. 17; probably 2.5 hour practice
Pincha Mayurasana
Sirsasana and variations

Virabhadrasana I
Parivrtta parsvakona
[alternating twists with backbends from the following lists]
Supta virasana flat+ w/
block under tailbone
Ekapada supta virasana
Matsyasana, chest on
Block+ tailbone on
Block + free
Urdhva mukha
svanasana, various
ways + free
Urdhva Dhanurasana on
Chair + over horse or
stool, + free
Dwi pada viparita
dandasana on chair +
on blocks +on floor +
with belt
Dropover practice

[open twists]
Sukhasana /padmasana
Bharadvajasana I
Bharadvajasana II
Ardha matsyendrasana

[closed twists]
Marichyasana III
Marichyasana IV
Ardha matsyendrasana I
Ardha matsyendrasana III
Pasasana at wall or free

[AMS, Parsva uttanasana, AMVirasana, etc., cool down]

Halasana legs on chair
Sarvangasana and variations
Halasana on chair again

Friday, December 10, 2010

Backbends again this weekend

Actually, we are doing backbends through the first of the year. Christina has been away and I depend a lot on her for my deep backbend practice.

This one is from a Patrica Walden Workshop at the Abbey last April. Thanks to Randy Just and Susan Goulet for the excellent notes.

Asana should reflect the source of your being
Feel the inhale moving from the core to the surface and watch how the exhale returns to the source
Adho Mukha Virasana
Adho mukha svanasana
• hands at the wall
• heels at the wall
• hands up on tall blocks at the wall to ground the heels and bring mental stability
• eka Pada

Ardha Adho Mukha Vrksasana
• take the abdomen to the spine
Adho Mukha Vrksasana
• go up with each leg but balance and come down with both legs
• go up and down lightly
Adho Mukha svanasana eke pada
Uttanasana standing on a chair
• went up she thought the feet looked dead
• we came down and belted big toes together
• lift the whole body up with the toes
• Virasana
o Take the thighs back and the lumbar extends up
o Point toes down
o Don’t let the lumbar collapse
o Come down and take strap off
• Parivrtta Eka Pada
o Learn to find the rhythm of bringing the leg back the appropriate amounts.
o If the front leg crosses the middle line there will be a constriction in the perineum
o When you come up lift from the outer hips
o See that the eyes are not projected forward variations sometimes
Adho Mukha Vrksasana
• Come down with both legs and touch the floor by the hands

Paryankasana with a brick and two belts
• One belt on the thighs the other on the upper arms at the oxiput
• Set up close enough to the wall so you can extend the arms to the wall and just barely touch the wall
• Brick under chest
Urdhva Dhanurasana x5
• Lay down and without lifting the buttock lift the spine up into the body
• Come up into the legs with the knees beyond the ankles
• Lift the heels up and keep them up to lift the scapula up higher then bring the heels down without dropping the buttock
• Coordinate the actions stay with one action until it leads to the next be methodical read 1-17

Urdhva Dhanurasana
• Come to the crown of your head – to lift the shelve of the shoulder
• To get the back ribs to lift bring the shins back

Standing up and drop back work:

Standing up from the chair hands on the wall coordinate the action move gracefully
Over the chair like tall stool first the shoulder blades and then the tailbone
Drop to the wall arms over head
Middle of the room arms up belt on arms

Patricia showed how to help
Eka pada rajakopotasana
• Shin is perpendicular to the front of the mat
• both arms back simultaneously to catch the foot
• support both the back leg and the front hip if using a blanket or bolster
Prone savasana
Uttanasana standing on a chair

Friday, December 3, 2010

December Practice schedule

Hi All,

We will practice today December 3rd, December 10th and December 17th at the regular 4:30 time.

December 24th is a Friday as well as Christmas eve traditionally not really a good time for late afternoon practice given travel and family commitments/ church services, cookie eating et al. So no practice at the regular time, but maybe I'll arrange an earlier in the day practice for those who are around. TBA on that.

December 31 no practice,

we'll resume on January 7th carrying on the tradition of last year 10 backbends for 2010 with 11 backbends for 2011.

There is Practice Today December 3 4:30

junior I backbend sequence we may throw in some junior II and III backbends for Yves and Devon as well.

Parvatasana in sukasana
Vajrasana with blanket roll
UBaddanguliasana in vajrasana
Parsva Vajrasana
Gomukasana full poses
Chair work elbows on edge of seat PM prep
Chair diw Pada regular and head on the floor using strap on front legs of chair, chair turned to wall
Chair urdvha D using wall to push up.
Drop overs to floor

Supta BK