Friday, September 16, 2011

New classes around and about

Hi All,

There are a couple new classes wednesdays at Clear Spring and

I'm teaching a class on Mondays down in San Marcos at San Marcos School of Yoga. There are five weeks left in the first session. You are welcome to join in the fun.

Practice sequence for today

This one is based on my recollection of the backbend sequence we did in Dallas with Swati last weekend.

AMS with palms holding mat


PM with roll under elbows
Sirsasana I
Eka pada
Parsva eka pada
Salabasana with strap
One leg at a time salabasana
Ustrasana (with bolster, flat palms).

(I would like to add in Parsva)

Alternate with

Static rope one. Work with feet away from wall and back to feel different.

Then pulling up on ropes.

Then back on floor doing the bolded poses about and adding in bhujangasana and UMS. (I would be happy to add in bhekasana work here also I think there was a supta virasana in here somewhere)

Chair dwi pada on trifold blanket with feet elevated
First time on shoulder blades, hands pressing on sides of chair
Second time down lower on back, hands underneath chair.

Very long holds.

Urdhva D
Feet up on two blocks or bench and body on bolster.
Helfp each other up, walk in. did many times.

Long setu banda with brick under sacrum and feet wide on boslter at wall.

BK folded forward on bolster supported by chair,

JS turning to get sides of torso level, bolster support as need,

UVK then Parivritta prep with elbow inside knee


M3 don’t bring knee way across body. Wrapping is important to fix the neck.


Halasana feet on chair

Eka Pada
Supt Konasana
Parsva Halasana

I think we folded forward in Sukasana and rested head on chair, elbows higher than shoulder.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There is Practice FRIDAY.

If you are not going to ACL, come to practice with us. We are doing a backbend sequence that Swati taught in Dallas last weekend. It is great stuff. I'll post the sequence Friday morning. Devon and I are collaborating on it.