Friday, July 19, 2013

Come Study Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras with Anne-Marie Schultz

Come Study Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras with Anne-Marie Schultz

Ever wondered what sthira sukam asasam means? Or exactly what the yamas and niyamas are? Or even what OM means?   Ever gotten the sense that there’s something deeper going on in a yoga class than alignment instructions, gentle stretching or sweating and flowing with breath and music? Or maybe you have an interest in the complex history of this ancient practice of self-care?  If so, this workshop is for you! 

In this three workshop series, Anne-Marie Schultz will lead participants through a discussion of the core ideas of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.  Most of you know Anne as one of the two Certified Iyengar Teachers here at the Castle, but in her secret life, Anne teaches ancient philosophy and interdisciplinary studies at Baylor University. She is director of Baylor’s Interdisciplinary Core program. In that capacity, she regularly teaches yoga and philosophy courses, along with courses in western philosophical thought as well.  In fact, she’s recently published a book, Plato’s Socrates as Narrator: A Philosophical Muse, Lanham Lexington press 2013.   

Anne also regularly attends yoga workshops with Patricia Walden a classical Iyengar yoga teacher where the Sutras are regularly discussed.  Anne has been fortunate enough to study with the Indic Scholar Edwin Bryant author of The Hare Krishna Movement: The Post-Charismatic Fate of a Religious Transplant; on two occasions. 

She’s delighted to share some of her knowledge about yoga philosophy with the Austin Yoga community.   Each session will cover a different dimension of the Sutras.  Each session is designed as a discrete unit of study.

Anne will mostly teach from Edwin Bryant’s excellent translation The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali: A New Edition, Translation, and Commentary, but participants can bring any copy of the Sutras with them to the workshop.   Feel free to read before hand, but the lecture and discussion will not assume that you have done so.  

August 11, 2-4pm, STUDIO
What is yoga?  What are its aims and goals?  Why is it so difficult to still the fluctuations of the mind (Chitta Vrittis)?   How do we go about seeing our true nature?

·      We will discuss Chapter 1 Sutras 1-33

September 22, 2-4pm, CHAKRAS
What are the components of yoga practice?  Why does Patanjali call it Kriya yoga?  How does karma yoga fit in with it all?   How do we avoid future suffering?

·      We will discuss Chapter 2   Sutras 5-16

November 24, 2-4pm, STUDIO    
What is the eight-fold path?   What are the yamas and niyamas?  How do asana and pranayama fit into practice?  What does it mean to practice the deeper limbs of yoga (withdrawal of the senses, concentration and meditation aka Pratyahara/dristi/ dhyai)?  What is samadhi? And what happens after that?   

·      We will discuss Chapter 2 Sutras 29-53 and Chapter 3 Sutras 1-3.

$25 Drop-In
$60 NON- members
$55 for members

Lecture on the Sutras August 11 2-4

Anne will be  leading a lecture/discussion of  Samadhi Pada (the first chapter of  Patanjali's Yoga Sutra)  at  Castle Hill  on Sunday afternoon, August  11 2-4.

Information about  price and  exact location  forthcoming.

There is practice today 4-6:30

Practice  today is based on some nifty  things I learned in Ann Arbor and  a Friday morning padmasana  class.  Bolded stuff  I added  to the basic sequence   to make it  fit our  longer time frame. 

Calf mashes with sticky mat roll


Supta virasana

Supta   BK with brick and two belts


Bk up on three trifolded blankets, roll sticky in front of mat to put heels on,  lift up move pelvis  back, then forward sit down, as sitting down imagine that thighs come down first,  then hold ankles and lift up,  did with block on all three widths, (FYI, the roll seemed take care of the sacrum pain on the right I sometimes get ). 

Then sit in Sukasana, notice softness of groin,

Sukasana  folding forward seuqene. 

Padmasana prep,  ardha get foot with opposite hand then elbow with opposite hand, fold to the right, then center then left working to descend groin, draw abdomen in, keep shoulders level, lead with the heart… then come up,  Parvatasana, the release carefully  did   the bk  on blankets with brick set up  between sides..

Repeated second side.    (This is a way of working toward the full bound padmasana, which “must be accomplished”  the ability of the hips to do this work is the gateway to the advanced poses.  Lovely.

Sit in Dandasana

Ardha Baddha padma pashichmottansana  same getting foot  grab outside of foot with the opposite hand, pull with arm  up and back with shoulder to come further forward,  work with abds and descending groin.  (at this point, things began to open up a bit).

Same  BK  between  sides. 

Supta pad  three  prep with motion,  then in pose, extend leg,  go out to supta II, back to supta III, up to Supta I  down.

Pretty long holds both sides,

Ardha Baddha padmottanasana,  holding foot with same hand, reach down for block if  necessary,  draw abds in. 





Sirsasana  at wall  working to bring legs into padmasana,  first one leg in padmasana, then other leg back behind it,  if having difficulty,  move a little more away from the wall so there is room to lean back, 

Then worked to bring second leg in front. 


Sarvangasana,  from Halasana  bring legs into padmasana straighten up as much as possible,  take top leg out,  bring legs down into Halasana in ardha padmasana, use padmasana leg to lift both legs back up.

I want to work on helping people drop over  here. 

Switch sides.

Matsyensana flat on floor, legs up on blanket support