Monday, October 29, 2012

Updates about Austin Yoga Institute and Schumacher sequences

Hi Everyone, 

As  many of you already know, Austin Yoga Institute  is moving out of Heart of Texas shopping center. While AYI searches for a permanent home,  Peggy's Monday advanced class will be held at Amala Foundation    1006 S 8th St
Austin, TX 78704,    It is right across Lamar from the regular space.

As of November 1,   Peggy's other classes will be held at   held at 1608 Dexter Street, Austin, TX 78704, Peggy's Home Studio.
Please call Peggy for more information at 512-923-4643.
Please continue to support Peggy and all Iyengar yoga classes in Austin during this important time of  transition in our community.  Iyengar Yoga in Austin is a community effort!!. 

In other news, this weekend the blog went to Dallas. 
Many of the John Schumacher workshop sequences from Dallas are posted below (reposted from Christina's webpage). The sketchy outline is a product of my memory Friday and Sunday and her's Saturday . The Saturday Afternoon class is forthcoming.  I'm without my regular computer set up  currently and my notes on it are pretty sketchy. mostly memorable was the 15 minute sirsasana with various padmasana variations... that will keep you coming back for more. 
Friday Night:
Supta Tadasana
Supta Padangusthasana- 1st stage (check Light on Yoga for pictures of the three stages he gives)
Supta Padangusthasana - 3rd stage
Supta  padangusthasana -2nd stage  
Uppavistha Konasana
Baddha Konasana 
Janu sirsasana
Ardha Baddha Pada padma pascimottasana 
Supine lotus with no hands 
Urdhva  padmasana in sirsanana
Urdhva padmasanan in  sarvangasana
seated meditation

Saturday Morning:
janu sirsasana
uppa vista konasana
upright sitting prep parsva uppa vista konasana
parivritta janu sirsasana -2X
ardha matsyendrasana 2
adho mukha svasasana
urdhva mukha svasasana
several times from Adho mukha through chataranga
ustrasana- 3X
chatush padasana-2X
urdhva dnaurasana-10X
dwi pada viparita dandasana-5X
supta virasana,  if  can stay flat on floor, then  push up to  Kapotasana,  or  just stay in SV
kapotasana- 3X
adho mukha svasasana
adho mukha vajrasana
Parsva vajrasana
parsva adho mukha vajrasana
seated meditation

Sunday Morning:
Childs Pose
Down Dog
Sirsasana- 15 minutes
Parsva sirsasana
Eka Pada Sirsasana
Parsva Eka pada sirsasana
childs pose with chin on floor
Baddha Konasana and go forward
Maricyasana I 
Malasana II
Bakasan from sirsasana II
Parsva bakasana
From sirsasana II
Urdhva kukatasana (or repeat bakasana) from Sirsasana II
Dwi Pada koundinyasana 
Pinca mayurasana
Urdhva Mukha svanasana
Adho mukha svanasana
Chatush padasana
Urdva Dhanurasana 7X
Sarvangasana- 15 minutes

Monday, October 22, 2012

Are you the blog?

Yes.  I am the blog.      Here are the sequences from the classes I took while visiting  New York this week.  Enjoy them  in lieu of  friday practice sequences for  awhile.

Carrie Owerko    level  3  class at  yoga works.

Start with rolled blanket under shoulder blades  knees bent feet on flooer
AMS on high rope  long hold
Utt in rope
Very wide Trikonasana with back leg groin in fope
Parivritta trik with front leg in rope
AMS in rope again
Uttanasana with rolled blanket or sticky mat (is better)
Parsvottasana with roll to  parivritta trk with roll
Take roll out and redo same side and see  space that is  available
Parivr parsvakonasana bent knee version with roll then extend back leg if hand is on the floor
Then  redo same side without roll
Repeat on other side
TMEP  with roll
JS with roll and without  also worked with turning torso in upright position and then going down.
Parvirtta js  with leg in virasana first, use   roll then no roll
Then parvritta js with  leg in classic pose
 Use motion to rock back and forth over extended leg
Parsva paschima
Ardha mysendrasana 2
Rope sirsasana

Genie Kapuler’s  level  three  class 

We spent a good deal of time  looking at the wrist and the bones of the wrist and circularizing the hands to even out  the weight in the wrists

AMS UMS  support pelvis with block
Chaturanga Dandasana
Back and forth AMS UMS  chaturangadandasana several times
AMVrk,  1 leg, then other  then both, stay at wall and  lift head to look at front body, then keep what you gain in armpit and chest opening and turn head back
Also worked on balancing.
PM  same work with  the  head,  the  head then  has to lift significantly  connect  lift of head with lift of  tailbone.  (Chest of UMS)
Dwi pada  on chair   just regular opening  first (Intro II) but with block and belt on leg,
Then work to bring hands to  chair legs, still stay with legs belt.
Then turn chair   around   sit in front of  chair, then put hands on back of chair,  chest of UMS. I used a  play brick under my chest also, felt amazing.
Ustrasana  several
Urdhva D  several
Supta 1-3 (the Parivritta one)
Ardha  Halasana

Brooke Myer’s  Level  Three  Class

AMVira   for  opening arm  pits  (up on finger tips  or  use  blocks or bolster for hands
AMVira  for  getting shoulder blades on back,  bring  hands to  shoulder level and draw shoulder blades in
AMS  work with  keeping head forward  and worked with coming up on heels  then  move chest back to legs
Rope 1,  two sets of  8,  rope  work standing facing the wall and coil up like  cobra  then hold tall ropes over  head and  back bend away from the wall without collapsing into lumbar
AMVrk (L pose  first,   then   AMVRk at wall  same work as Genie’s class of  looking up the front  body. 
PM  with strap  and folded sticky for  elbows, same work with  head look up front body first.
Sirsasana 2 at wll
Chair dwi pada   intro ii version
UD over back of chair  folded blanket on chair as needed for height, bring hands down the wall as you are able.
UD  feet on blocks at wall, bring knees to wall, go up like that  then  straighten legs away from  wall
Several times, then did with hands at wall  and then with forearms on elbows
Parsva Prasarita Padottansana  keep right hand on right foot  and  stretch left arms far over to the right,  repeat on other side
Supported Halasana
Savasana with tailbone still up on  sarvangasana support

Laura Brun’s   level  2  class  

Lots of  shoulder work in tadasana,   in general   let extension  happen  first  then  draw in on back body, shoulder blades, top of triceps  grounding in the legs essential for ability to lift the chest and side ribs.  Lift  not just the shoulders up but from the low ribs lift up.   Looked at the mechanics of all those actions in
UH, UBbound thumb pose arms outwide like  standing poses.
AC in room and twice  with back at wall.  Be strong in heels
Ardha uttanasana
Vira III   twice
Parvatsana in virasana
Parsva virasana  twice

Ustrasana press shins to lift the chest
Ardha Halasana

Sunday, October 14, 2012

No Practice 10/19 and we are off until 11/23

There is no advanced practice  10/19 after all .  Originally, the studio was rented   but now it is not.  But  I'm out of town and Devon has other  plans.

So we'll not meet again for  awhile.

Next week  I'm in  Dallas for John Schumacher and Devon is away.
The week following  there's a training at the studio
The second week of  November  Devon and I are both away
The third week of  november we are at Patricia in Dallas.

So  We'll plan something big and backbendy for  our  return  on 11-23.  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

There is practice friday (and teacher practice also)

Hi Everyone,

There's teacher practice friday at 3:30.  Just a reminder its not  "teacher training" but a time to get together and talk about teaching and practice teaching skills.   cost $10.

Then here's the sequence for Friday forward bends.  Cost $10.00

Friday October 11, 2012
Forward bend emphasis
Supta virasana
Supta baddha konasana
[Supta padangusthasana I with belt support
Supta padangusthasana II, classical position
            Spg II variant with belt and block support and external rotation
[Eka pada Supta virasana I]
Eka pada supta virasana II, external rotation
Adho mukha svanasana, 3-5 minutes
Prasarita padottanasana I and II
Adho mukha vrksasana
Sirsasasana prep or full pose
Padmasana prep lying down and/or seated
            Including ardha Padma in anantasana
Sarvangasana I or Setu Bandha sarvangasana
            Urdhva padmasana or padmasana variation in setu bandha
Dandasana, padangustha dandasana  (maybe malasana instead?)
Janu sirsasana, twisting, urdhva mukha and adho mukha
Triang mukhaikapada paschimottanasana twisting, urdhva mukha and adho mukha
Krounchasana prep or full pose
Bharadvajasana I full pose, catching virasana heel for full twist (belt as needed)
Upavistha konasana upright twisting, and forward bending
Parsva upavistha konasana
Parsva janu sirsasana variations
Parivrtta janu sirsasana
Parivrtta paschmottanasana
Paschimottanasana, feet hip width, feet together, heels elevated
Chatush padasana

Monday, October 1, 2012

Local Class Blog Roll Updated

Hi Everyone,  Thanks to the urging of Mary Scott, the  list of local Iyengar classes is  now updated to reflect current reality.

Patty's Beginner Series' at Austin Yoga

Upcoming Beginners’ Series

September 24 – November 12, 2012

Mondays 6:00 – 7:30 pm

w/ Patti
contact Patti at, or 512-415-0743