Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sequence For Friday Feb 27

We are back on for this week.

Here's the basic sequence we'll work from. Will probably add in a few more backbends and inversion variations and twists.

It is a Geeta sequence from Pune.


Prasarita Padottasana
Parsvottansana arms extended forward and then bring back to feet extending the sides of torso
Parsvo Classic
Prasarita padottansana II
Prasarita clasping hands behind back
Sirsasana, alternating clasp
Parsva sirsasana
Arm clasp behind back
AMVrk, hands regular and hands turned out.
Sirsasana II, coming up and down one leg at a time,
Tadasana interspersed stretching arms down to release neck.
Trikonasana (three times)
Uparvsakonasan looking at the differences between the two gravity not gravity work, extending sides,
Urdhva dharusana two or three times,
Then several from bolster
Then one dwipada vipartia dandasana
Bharadvagasana I on bolster
Sarvangasana really worked on getting lift in sides and arms down back by tipping over and really lifting the others.
Sarvangasana II
Niralamba I

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Friday the 13th sequence

This is a really fun sequence.

Patricia sequence from Feathered Pipe aug 1, 2008
cataranga dandasana
urdhva mukha
repeat 2x
ams w/ heels on blocks at wall
vira 1
supta padangustasana
ams middle palm on edge of blocks at wall
vira 1 to 3 w/ pams together
abdomen balanced and up, armpits down, leg up
eka pada virasana reaching leg back
parivritta eka pada
AMV working w legs together and straight
pinca mayurasana- balance
+++Add in some scorpion poses here and other assorted arm balances
lunge w/ 1 leg in virasana (eka pada raja prep)
resist virasana leg back
viparita dandasana on chair, feet flat on floor, arms over head, legs
ekapada viparita dandasana chair
Urdhva dhanurasana 3x from chair
ekapada u. dhanurasana 2x
down leg hip lifts up and up leg hip draws down
ustrasana drop backs to wall
arms coming to shoulder blade level
ekapada viparita dandasana
sirsasana drop backs and coming up w/ wall
ustrasana drop backs to floor
ekapada rajakapotasana w/ back leg at wall
ekapada raja II
eka pada
parsva eka pada
badda k

As usual, suggested donation of $10. Friday 3:30- 5:30 at CSS

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sequence For Friday Feb 6

Here's a John Schumacher sequence that I got from Karen Phillips in Dallas. Come join in the fun. Clear Spring Studio 3:30 to 5:30 suggested donation 10 dollars

adho muka svanasana
adho mukha vrksasna - ' this is a balancing pose, i expect you to balance'
pincha mayurasana
sirsasana(10 min) - variations: parsva sirsasana, parvrittaikapada , urdvha dandasana
baddha hasta uttanasana
urdvha prasarita ekapadasana
eka hasta bhujasana
mayuraasana - stretch the legs straight and then its salabasana action, thats why he did salabasana first, chest dips down slightly as the feet go up and then its a seesaw balancing over the elbows
nakrasana - move forward, come down, move backward come down, move forward and backward
urdvha mukha svanasana
urdvha danurasana - 10x - exhaling go up, inhaling come down, no breaths in between
sirsasana II drop overs - the head should end up just like the previous urdvha danurasanas - did 1
sirsasana II drop overs - same action as ustrasana to take the legs down
adho muka svanasana
baddha hasta uttanasana
sarvangasana , halasana, karnapidasana, supta konasana, parsva halasana