Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sequence for June 26 Friday Clear Spring 3:30

Here's the sequence for This week. Lots of twists.

Supta Sukasana horizontal bolster, then vertical brick. UH UD and Paryankasana work in arms.
AMS wide
Utt wide
Jump back and forth 5 times.
Supta P I 90 degrees with strap, then big toe then both hands
UH to UN
Utt feet together
Ardha baddha padmottansana first stage
Uttansana full pose
Supta tadasana
Supta I hold with both hands on heel.
Forward Bends (For all forward bends, work with motion reaching beyond foot twice then hold)

Janu Sirsasana
Parivritta JS
Uttansana with hands in paschima baddangulisana
Then paschima namascarasana in tadasana
Ardha baddha padma Paschimottasana
MI turn the forward no clasp.
Malasana as much as you can
MI with foot closer and clasp. Twist and go forward.
Bharadvajasana 2 twist then claps.
M3 as much as you can
Ardha matsyendrasana 2
Bharvadj 2
Ardha mat 2 turning to the same side then repeat on other side.
Ardha matysendrasana 1
Supta iii to Supta Ardha padasana
Ardha M 2
Working toward paripurna matsyandrasana
Like M4 for a bit just sitting without turning. Then work to cross leg over

Urdhva prasarita Eka padasana
Bakasana from Sirsasana II
Eka pada galavasana
Urdhva kukatasana
Eka pada koundinyasana I
Parsva kukatasana

Urdhva dhanurasana from bolster she said once but we did a few
Setu bandha horizontal brick, raise legs to viparita karni the spilt legs apart releases the groin
Regular Setu bandha
Savasana with head and chest on sarvangasana support.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Practice Sequence for Friday June 19th

Hi Everyone, We'll be practicing this Friday at Clear Spring 3:30 to 5:30. HEre's the plan.

Wide leg utt
Parvatasana in virasana
Paryankasana with block, on elbows to head, on head urdhva d arms for more lift and spread, full pose with support for elbows if don’t reach.
Virasana, arms in baddangulisana behind reaching down then paschima namascarasana arms.
AMS classic.
Ardha Sirsasana, working with head off the floor,
Sirsasana, Bk, virasana, legs split.
Ams blocks tall at wall heel of hand on edge of block fingers up wall, then palm at wall on block.
Amvrk, bring each leg up and down.
Vira I, heel at wall, then with hands toward wall.
Amvrk working on bringing both legs up and down, work of down teaches up, buttocks moving together.
PM at wall, then in center balancing if possible.
Dwi pada, on chair with blanket and block for shoulders horizontal and vertical, then with vertical block for tailbone, then t shaped two blocks for shoulders and tailbone.
UD on chair legs and hands on floor bring weight into feet. Two or three times.
UD over back of chair with blankets or bolsters, arms in Paryankasana and then hands to chair or legs of chair. Second time move to kapotasana part of back.
Back at wall, urdhva D with angular blocks at wall, on bolster and blanket. Bring forehead to wall, several times.
Low blocks keep forearm in contact,
Low block turn palms out. Bring chin to the wall
No brick arms at wall, block between feet, walk in with block.
UD middle of room work on shoulder blade curl, coming to front of head, push up, don’t’ push toward chest until you walk in and get tailbone as high as possible.
UD two blocks on feet can walk in with arms.
Many drop backs. Order of work in dropping back, hands to buttocks or backs of things, curl thoracic then cervical, then bend knees, without collapsing heels, then take coccyx in, then take the lumber spine in, then drop back.
Prasarita paddottansana, concave then full
Bk on bolster
Bharadvajasana on two blankets, even pelvis reversed cross of feet then regular cross of feet.
Sarvangasana, feet apart to relax buttocks, upa vistha legs, Bk legs, then back straight, brief Halasana.
SAVASANA, CHEST AND HEAD ON sarvangasana support.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Practice Sequence for Friday June 5th

Hi Everyone,

This summer, I'm going to work mostly with the sequences from the Patricia Walden Workshop I attended in April. This is the first sequence from the six day workshop and works with Standing Poses. Forward Bends, and Arm Balances.

I'll also be working with aspects of the Friday sequence in my ongoing Saturday class at AYS.

Here's the full sequence, We'll do as much of it as we can on Friday.

AMS with hands and feet wide at edges of mat
Utt, wide legs, concave then down
Paryankasana with block extend arms then fold
AMS normal width.
(move to wall)
Prasarita paddottansana concave then down.
Utt Trikonasana regular pulls back leg up and back with strap, front let with foot up wall, and foot up wall on block.
Vira II briefly
To Uparvakonsana, same order of work as trikonsana

Utt angular poses still can put front foot on block
Up angular

Classic uttansana
Parighasana foot up wall.
Janusirsasana move extended leg to side.
Parighasana side of body at wall
Parivritt Janusirsasana


Parivritt js (use these two poses to teach each other)
Paschimottasana head on block.
Anantasana, hold toe, then ankle then vrksasana, really working buttock action.
Sputa I and III briefly
Acarnadhanursana, briefly, then switch hand holds on foot, heel, arch ball of foot, toe to see effect in hip.
Acarnadhanursana II let bottom leg bend then straighten it.
Anantasana again, to sputa II bring leg all the way to floor then lower bottom pelvis back down.
Vishwamitrasana prep foot on wall bottom leg in parighasana
Full Vishwamitrasana twice second time, move hand in closer to leg to get more lift in back leg.
Sputa Bk with blanket roll under feet and thighs bring sacrum up into the body.
Sirsasana Bk, parsvasirsana, turning from the lower back
Setu b block under sacrum,
Supt Sukasana legs on sarvangasana set up
If tired just use time to restore physical sheath, if alert still direct inhalation into nostrils and then three normal breaths followed by an Ujj IV. Four cycles.
Rest in this position in savasana.

Ropes Workshop with Anne This Saturday 3-5 CSS

Hi Everyone, I know this is really short notice, but I'm subbing a Saturday workshop for Devon. The topic is How to Use the Rope Wall. We'll also work a bit with the ramp that Devon just purchased for the studio.

It is from 3-5 on Saturday June 6th. Cost is $25.00.

Hope to see you there.