Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two new Iyengar Classes in Austin

Hi Everyone,

Castle Hill is  adding two new Iyengar classes to their offerings.  They are, unfortunately, cancelling Gillian's Tuesday Evening Community class,  but there is now the opportunity to take an Iyengar class at the Castle  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning.  What a great way to improve your practice and start the week off right!!! 

However, in one of those bizarre life situations that Kafka captured so well, they are not, in fact, called Iyengar classes. Though Gillian and I are certified Iyengar teachers and are "allowed" to call our classes Iyengar Yoga by the rules and guidelines of the national Iyengar Association, classes that are called "Iyengar Yoga"  aren't  popular enough. So,  Monday at 9-10  Gillian will teach Alignment Yoga.  I teach Focus on form at 9:30 on Tuesday   and  Alignment yoga at 9:00 on Wednesday.

I'll update the side bar at the first of the month.

Monday 9:00-10:00  Gillian- Alignment Yoga
Tuesday 9:30-10:55  Anne- Focus on Form
Wednesday 9:00-10:00 Anne-Alignment Yoga.

Monday and Wednesday will be in the lotus room with ropes!!!  Please do come out and support us.

Iyengar Yoga in Austin ,   you just have to know where to look for it, that's what this blog is for!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last Practice for a while

Devon will lead   us  through some arun  work....

Supta baddha konasana, pelvis elevated
Urdhva mukha ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana
Ardha padma jathara parivartanasana supported
Ardha baddha padmottanasana supported
Ardha baddha padmottanasana, palms facing back as possible

Virasan knees elevated
Virasana ankles elevated, foam board under buttocks
Eka pada bhekasana with support
Vamadevasana, three steps
Yogadandasana in steps

Supta Padmasana, knees belted
to Simhasana, all but the tongue part
to Adho mukha simhasana
to Padmasana forward bend, belly on heels
to Padma Mayurasana

Padmasana twist, catch one foot with back hand

Padmasana in Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Ardha baddha padma, twisting to padma side upright

Parivrtta Ardha baddha Padmasana, twisting toward padma knee
leaning forward as in Prvt. Janu Sirsasana
Eka Pada Galavasana from standing

Urdhva padmasana in Sarvangasana, chair support
Pindasana in Sarvangasana, chair support
Baddha Konasana in Sarvangasana, hips on chair, feet back, arms resting

Savasana, belted knees folded up.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Arun workshop this weekend

Hi All,

Just a reminder about the Arun workshop this  weekend.   Mary Scott  suggested that I remind you that HOT  is in  Austin this weekend and you should allow more time to get to the studio than usual, particularly on Friday.

Iyengar Yoga Workshop with
Sri Arun from Bangalore
Friday through Sunday, June 14-16, 2013
Austin Yoga Institute
 Welcomes Arun this June
to Clear Spring Studio

Evening Class Friday 6-8:00 pm
Morning Classes Saturday and Sunday 9:30am to noon
Afternoon Classes Saturday and Sunday 3:00 to 5:30 pm
Born in Sringeri, South India in 1954, Sri Arun grew up and completed his studies in Bangalore, where he started his career at a Chartered Accountant company. It was around this time that he developed an allergy towards dust and developed asthma, which became quite severe during the rainy season.
At a colleague's suggestion he decided to try Yoga as a remedy and got initiated into Yoga in 1974. He started teaching Yoga in 1976 at the Rashtrothana Shareerika Siksha Kendra, where he gave the class in front of his Pujya Guruji Dr B.K.S. Iyengar in the year 1978. Teaching Yoga was a different and a very challenging experience. To quote him in his own words "As I started teaching Yoga, I saw different kinds of human bodies and thousands of complex minds; despite the apparent similarities between people I saw that each individual has very distinct needs. I appreciate the challenge of shaping body and mind of my every student.” The idea of teaching and applying Iyengar Yoga to meet and suit each individual's unique needs appealed to him immensely. He knew then that Yoga had become his true vocation.
To register, fill out the form below and mail with your check to Austin Yoga Institute, 1608 Dexter Street, Austin, Texas 78704.
To attend all five classes, pay by June 1st and receive a discount.
One year’s experience with Iyengar Yoga recommended. If you have questions, call Peggy Kelley at 512-923-4643 or email her at:
Cost: $240 for the whole workshop, $215 if paid by June 1, 2013.
Two hour class $40
Two and a half hour classes $50

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Backbends and Inversions this week at advanced practice

This one is  from Feb  gather.   Notes  courtesy  of  Karen  Phillips.

Patricia Walden
Intermediate Retreat – Covington, LA – Gather At The River
02/13/2013 Wednesday

AM – backbends – working on the udana vayu (throat/tongue) and prana vayu (upper chest)
Adho Mukha Svanasana
Supta Virasana (Supta Baddha Konasana if knees can’t do supta virasana)– bolster horizontal on side for taller height, rolled blanket under neck she want throat open curve to neck
Tadasana – do feet action from yesterday
Baddhanguliasana – arms forward intertwine hands, take up, held the longest time in the history of baddhanguliasana, arms forward other intertwine, another record
Tadasana – arms straight out to side palms up, rotate upper arms then rotate only forearms down, then hands perpendicular to forearms - held the longest time in the history of arms to side hands perpendicular
Adho Mukha Vrksasana – 3x – up with both legs
Pincha Mayurasana – 4x – if can balance in middle of room do, what would you do when you don’t have walls, 2x with heel of palm wrist facing block, little finger on floor, fingers straight, use the lift of the inner legs to lengthen spine; 2x hands classic flat on mat, balance
Sirsasana  => Parsva Sirsasana– didn’t keep us in parsva sirsasana because nobody was straight
Adho Mukha Virasana
Bhujangasana – 1x
Adho Mukha Svanasana => Urdhva Mukha Svanasana – 3x
Get chair
Dwi Pada Vipritta Dandasana – edge of seat just under bottom tip of shoulder blade, legs straight to wall toes uparms straight hands on back of chair, then take arms overhead palms up then take hands to chair side elbows below seat then take hands on navel band
Dwi Pada Vipritta Dandasana – go in chair backward from normal ducking head below back bar, , this is for the pelvis (previous for back/shoulders) take head to floor, knees bent, arms to chair
Dwi Pada Vipritta Dandasana – classic
Ustrasana Prep – kneel infront of chair seat with front edge of chair seat touching upper thighs/front groins, hold sides of chair seat and use that grasp to help coil upper back, should feel like shoulders lifting over foam square and coiling up/over it, don’t go back just work on coiling
Dwi Pada Vipritta Dandasana – classic, go a little further off, take arms overhead clasping elbows, pump elbows down toward floor, elbows should not get to floor, pump the coiling reaching elbows down, again: same pumping but this time press roots of thighs down strongly (her demo she had carrie sit on her upper thighs) and have opposing action from one of these grosser to more advanced navel (more gross action)/ziphoid process bottom sternum area/ ctr collarbone to sternum movement, this opposing action will give more backbend
Dwi Pada Vipritta Dandasana – long trifold blanket down ctr of chair seat and hanging off front to floor, walk hands up blanket and pull elbows down
Dwi Pada Vipritta Dandasana – use breath, inhale then action of pulling side of chair back with hands and coiling curving more on the exhale, use organs of action
Ustrasana – facing chair, pelvis stays touching front chair seat edge, coil (told me this is great for me cause I hold tension in front ribs, she had me strap torso just below bra strap band tight for rest of class to lift away from strap, hands to heels, again if can then take straight arms overhead and touch floor the pelvis can leave chair seat to do this
Urdhva Dhanurasana – 5x – toes up wall sole of ft on floor/knees touch wall, come up knees do not leave wall, walk hands in then move shins away from wall, back thighs lift, full straetch of arms, bring air to the buttocks, after few times start doing while bring mind to throat, then bring mind to tailbone and come up from there, then bring mind to spine and come up from there, head down mind up
Dhanurasana – top thighs belted
Urdhva Dhanurasana – 5x – away from wall
Tadasana – curve back coil again as if moving shoulder blades over foam block, mary demoed carrie held foam block on back, keep abdomen back, touch wall
Ustrasana – coil hands overhead touch wall
Dwi Pada Vipritta Dandasana – 4x on floor – come to urdhva dhanurasana, take left hand in take rt hand in (alternate which hand in 1st), knees bent, walk feet in to bring shoulders deeper in, 1x straighten legs
Lay on back knees bent
Prasarita Padottanasana