Friday, April 24, 2015

Backbends via shoulders and hips.

 Here's the plan for this afternoon.

Amvira with three different hand positions on blocks. 


Supta  virasana moving bolster back,

LOY  virasana  cycle.


Three hands at  wall  

AMVrk    (Three hand  positions)



Virasana in Sirsasana

Parsva    virasana  in Sirsasana

Parsva sirsasana

Paryankasana  with bricks and full pose

Scorpion prep

Chair  Urdvha   D 

Urdhva D  two Bolsters

Urdvha  D

Chair Dwi Pada

Regular  Dwi pada

Urdhva  D

Chakrabandasana  for fun

Some  eka pada raja Kapotasana if  there’s time.


Parsva  Utt

Parsva  Hanuman

Ardha Halasana  and sarvagasana if  desired.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lots of yoga with Anne this weekend

Anne is  leading  advanced  practice at  4:30  at  Clear Spring,  we'll cover some highlights from George. 

Also, there's  pranayama at  9:15   and  Yoga and Philosophy at  10:30 (more backbends).

Sequences forthcoming! 

Also, for the early riser, Peggy is teaching backbends at 8 at her home studio saturday morning.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Advanced Practice

Anne is out of town and Devon will be teaching Saturday morning instead.

Then next week, George will be here.

Anne will lead  April   24.