Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Free day of yoga

Here's the list of Iyengar Free Day of  Yoga Events.

Castle Hill

4:00pm Anne

Austin Yoga Tree

8:00am Mary
4:30pm Jonathan
6:00pm Jonathan

Clear Spring Studio

10:00am Mary
1:45pm Melissa
3:00pm Leann
4:15pm Devon

Austin Yoga Institute

11:30am Mary
3:30pm Melissa
7:00pm Val

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Junior Intermediate Intensive: An exciting new venture here in Austin

Weekend Intensives covering the Junior Intermediate Syllabi, sponsored by Austin Yoga Institute and Clear Spring Studio in Austin, Texas

We plan a weekend in the fall of 2016 and a weekend in the spring of 2017: fall dates: September 24-25, spring dates tba.

The Junior syllabi introduce challenging poses: padmasana and variations, inversion variations, and backbend refinements, among others. At this level, we are working on consolidating the work completed at the introductory levels and beginning to refine observation and adjustment skills. As well, we look to better integrate deep yoga philosophy with the practice and teaching of asana.

The introductory syllabus is now so lengthy and demanding, much strength and skill are needed to grapple with it. All who come to these weekend intensives are expected to have completed and passed the first certification assessment in the Iyengar method. At least a year must have passed between the passing of the first level and the taking of the Junior One Level, and often more years pass, sometimes many more! This may be a time of consolidating a career in our “parallel lives” to yoga practice and teaching, building a family, consolidating practice and teaching, focussing on deepening one’s relationship to yoga as a dedicated sadhaka.

Recommitting or continuing practice of the asana and pranayama and studies of the philosophy/anatomy on the next syllabus is the crux of the commitment to prepare for the next level. No one is permitted to recommend a candidate without believing that they are ready for success at that level. So we thought it would be helpful to begin to offer intensives covering this level in our region.

During the two day intensives, we will cover:
1)     refining our practice and understanding of the asanas and pranayamas on these syllabi in dynamic morning classes
2)     refining our teaching of the asana in afternoon sessions focussing on:
                  a) the crisp, dynamic initial demonstration of the asana
                  b) consolidating our skills in arranging the class for optimal viewing
                  c) consolidating our skills in observing during the initial round of the class’ doing the asana
                  d) deciding on an appropriate second round demo, based on observation and including observable actions
                  e) the skillful use of time so that students are able to experience optimum yoga
                  f) appropriate and effective verbal and hands-on adjustments based on what you see
                  g) taking the teacher’s seat and establishing a tone in class that is based on intelligent transmission of yoga philosophy
3) during our late afternoon/evening sessions, focussing on the required anatomy/physiology and philosophy at this level through lecture and discussion.

In order to do justice to the breadth of these syllabi, there will be some homework PRIOR to our meeting (involving some sequencing and anat/physiology questions and study) and some homework SUBSEQUENT too our weekend meeting (involving integrating the work of the intensive).  All this is designed to help participants in preparing a notebook covering all the asanas and pranayamas of their level and in studying and assimilating the concepts required.
Cost: Approximately $200, some scholarship funds are available from Austin Yoga Institute. Just ask Peggy if you are interested.
Staff: Peggy Kelley, Devon Dederich, Anne Schultz
Information: email to (Peggy) or call 512-923-4643

Friday, August 12, 2016

There is Advanced Practice this week and next week and the 2nd (maybe the 26th too)

Hi All,

There's advanced Practice   this week.

Anne will  lead  us through some  hip and groin work she learned  up at Mary and Eddy's workshop last week,  then at  5:30  she'll do a junior 2  mock assessment.

Next week  Upma is  back

She'll do a mock assessment (intro) at  4:30  and Anne will do another Junior  2  at   5:30.

We need students.

Though we are not  charging for these mock assessments,  Devon would still very much appreciate the donation  of  $20 to cover studio rent. 

Will let you know the plan for the  26th,

then we are back on  Sept  2.