Thursday, January 24, 2013

there is practice tomorrow at 4:30

taking a small break from PW  because I didnt' have time to edit the sequence.

here's  Randy's  Eka Pada Raja kapotasana sequence  with  a few additions at the beginning.

(big three)
virasana  Parvatasna  in virasana
paryankasana block,  two blocks on shoulder blades,   grab  mat full pose
supta virta

Pincha Mayur
Arhda JP
Jathara Parivartanasana
Utt Hasta Padangust (I, II, Parivrtta)
Utt Trik Ardha chandrasana
Parivrtta Trik p Ardha Chandrasana
Utt Hasta Padangust (I, II, Parivrtta)
Sirsasana with variations
M3 turn abdomen, pull straight leg big toe to come forward to close gap
Parsva Bakasana
Eka Pada Koundinyasana
DPVD chair reach for back legs/then bend arms as in Sirs and walk up front
chair legs
UD 6X at wall UD 6X at wall w/high blocks for hands, take heels up, walk in,
then reach hands to floor keep lift take heels down
Eka Pada Rajakapotasana variations shin on the wall, support as needed under
Niralamba Karnapidasana

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Practice Sequence notes

Here's what we'll work on tomorrow at  4:30.

Saturday Morning.

AMS  regular  work legs  with inner and outer calf action and inner and outer thigh action.
AMS  short stance  then lift buttocks up high, bend the knees  take ribs back to thighs in sections from  bottom to the top.  Then straighten legs.  All that work is to bring the  T sping  in.

Parvatasana in virasana

Supta vira with support thighs  belted.

Parvatasana in virasana

Paryankansana with brick and belt on occiput.


Paryankasana  full pose.  


Sirsasana,  Parsva.

AMVrk,  1 leg, other leg, both legs, work on balancing work with hands on blocks then hands up on two blocks,   “lightness will come.”


I’m not sure where we did UMS and Ustrasana  I think here though.  UMS, block between feet  drag feet forward,  block between knees  turn knees from the inside out.
UStrasana   work in the hands on  hip stage to really get rib kidney band movement you lose some of that  once hands touch. 

UMS  turn toes under knees on floor wiggle forward  to bring chest way forward.

Various  stages of  UD

1.     on chair,  really did dwi pada first, then stretched arms out to floor.
2.      Bend legs feet on floor, come up enough to push up,  come up on arm side down on leg side. Beginner version is to take hands on blocks or  higher up the wall, 
3.     two bolsters (or  bolster and two blankets,  hands on blocks at  wall).
4.     One bolster (hands at wall)
5.     Coming up from sitting in a chair hands on wall behind
6.     Ud on floor,   worked on walking  in
7.     Feet at wall keeping knees at wall on the way up. 
8.      UD  senior 1 version  keeping heels  down.

Dropping back to wall or  floor if possible and coming  up.

Kapotasana arching back,  then dropping back when chest is parallel   keys to Kapotasana,   strong legs  open front thighs, mobility in rib cage, opening in the armpits (in that I have none of these to a significant degree it is not surprising the pose  is so  hard)

We worked on this a while and watched various ways of helping mostly involving helping  keep legs forward,  holding onto ropes at wall  and pelvis at wall,   belting ankles.  Once you have the toes  ‘ just’  walk up the feet.

AMS at ropes if  back pain

Prasarita paddottanasana. 

The to parsvo  to paddottasanan to parsvo working with slow motion a couple times. 

Wide stance Utt with blanket roll (roll doesn’t feel good  to all  people) 

Sbk with support under  out hips,  bringing sacrum out 

Ardha  Halasana,





Thursday, January 10, 2013

Friday Advanced Practice sequence

This one is based on PW  day one, dallas  2012.  Fun times.

Just the sequence for PW  Jan 11 in advanced practice.

Patricia Walden Dallas, TX Nov. 16,
Adho Mukha Svanasana -
Paryankasana on block, hands to wall
Urdhva hastasana -
Urdhva Baddhanguliyasana
Urdhva namaskarasana
Gomukasana - take bottom arm first then top arm. (Geeta in CA convention) Compare with taking the top arm in first.
Paschima Namaskarasana
Garudasana arms in Tadasana - spread the pecs
Utkatasana - arms in utthita hastasana, spread the arms, expand the chest, outer shoulder blades in, then arms up
Garudasana legs - several times,
Parsvottanasana - full pose (hands in Paschima Namaskarasana) press the five fingers of the back heel down.
Virabhadrasana I - arms out,
Virabhadrasana III -
Did ardha uttanasana with hands on wall to charge the arms. Roll the forearms in, upper arms out as in Adho Mukha Svanasana. Shoulder blades deepen into back without dropping hands.

Utkatasana - for the pelvic belly - do not sag there when doing Virabhadrasana III.
Virabhadrasana III again
Parsvottansana, into Vira I, then Trikonasana.

Vira  I 

Parivrtta ardha chandrasana –
    AC  compare bottom arm action
Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana - did in 2 parts, hold aerial bent leg foot, straighten leg holding toe, then both hands holding foot.
Supta Padangusthasana - did in 2 parts, holding big toe, then holding with both hands. Keep the outer shoulder/shoulder blade down on floor
Adho Mukha vrksasana - 1x only one on each side - alternate one leg kicking up.
Sirsasana - parsva


Parsva bhakasana - catch armpit to outer knee, bring tailbone in line with head,

Eka pada kundynasana - 1x from floor, 2x from sirsasana II, lift head first –
Ardha matsyendrasana -did in stages, keep the front shin perpendicular
hook the elbow, front hand to collar bones - lift the sternum
take the front toe, stretch the arms out
take the clasp, (forearms rolls in - upper

arm rolls out) lift the sternum as the hands pull 
down to straighten the arms. Use belt around thigh if not clasping.

Supta baddha konasana - lie flat on floor (for sacrum) with u-shaped blanket over ankles and under shins - open the chest 




Thursday, January 3, 2013

Advanced Practice sequence for Friday 13 backbends for 2013

This one is based on a class Peggy taught a few weeks back.  There are some additions that are my own and some deletions.

the numbers refer to different numbers of backbends.  Obviously we'll  do more than 13 total backbends.

This  is the 4th  year we've started off advanced practice with the number of backbends increasing each year.

Thirteen backbends for  2013

Rope work rope 1 and static rope chest opening     1
Foot work  calf mashing sequence
Paryankasana)       2  
Sirsasana,  eka pada   i/2 way to  floor  then as far as you can
parsva eka pada  1/2 way then as far as  possible second time around.
Parsva sirsasana
Parivirtta  sirsasana

PM taking buttocks and legs to the wall to open chest more 

belly down backbends,  (Bhujangasana)   3

 salabasana with hands interlaced behind back,  4  makarsana,  5 bent leg shalabasana  6 dhanurasana then dhanurasana with pelvis lifted and legs on floor.  7

(Parsva Danurasana)  8
(Bhekasana)  9

various lunges in the middle of the room,   first just upright raise arms, keep hips level, then  grab back foot with opposite hand and lunge forward,
then lunging forward keeping hips level  10
gomukasana prep with strap and use strap to bring top hand down further and pull back with bottom hand. 


chair dwi pada would not hurt anything here working toward sirasasana version    11
chair  UD from Jarvis.    12

and a few  Uds

EPRK  2  with back shin on wall,  first lunging forward then arching back working to get foot  or at least hands to the wall,  worked with classic arm entry,  ie opposite hand reaching back two or three times.  13

I though we could look at  the other EPRKs as well as time allows  12,   13

halasana legs on chair
(Sarvagasana cycle  as time allows)


Friday Morning Yoga with Anne starts tomorrow at 10 at Clear Srping

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that my new Clear spring class starts tomorrow  at  10.  Scroll down a few posts for all the details.