Monday, March 30, 2009

No Friday advanced practice this week, but come on Thursday to the Love Coop

Due to the Kofi Busia workshop (Which everyone should plan on attending) we won't have Friday practice this week.

However, I will be leading the Thursday afternoon practice at the Love Co op this week 4-6.

AMVrk (and work on Scorpion)
PM (and work on Scorpion)
Sirsana and some variations.
parsva Dhanurasana
Urdhva Dhanurasanas
drop Backs
dwipada viparita dandasana
sirsasan drop overs.

Parsva Utt
Prasarita Padottanasana

Sarvangasana and part of the cycle as time allows.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Backless Yoga Chairs for Sale

These chairs have a support brace on the back legs.
and no cross bar on the front. Most people find this style easier to use
because there is more room to get their arms and legs under the chair.

Tall chairs are better for supported sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and
supported halasana. people with long torsos and people who are tall will find them particularly helpful.

Regular chairs are $50.00. Tall chairs are $135.00 He tig-welds extensions onto the regular chairs. Shipping charges depend on the size of chairs purchased, the amount of chairs you purchase and how far away you are from Austin you are.

To order a chair or if you want more information, contact Jeff Schultz at

Here are pictures of the short chairs and a comparison shot with the tall chairs and standard chairs.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday Sequence

Hi Everyone, We need to finish up around 5:00 this week, so the sequence is short and sweet.

AMVrk (and work on Scorpion)
PM (and work on Scorpion)
Sirsana and some variations.
parsva Dhanurasana
Chair Dwi Padas
ChairUrdhva Dhanurasanas
Urdhva Dhanurasanas
drop Backs
Parsva Utt
Prasarita Padottanasana
Chair Twists.
Sarvangasana/ of some sort... .

Thursday, March 19, 2009

No Friday advanced practice this week,

I have meetings in Waco and Devon has other obligations.

Next week, we'll get upside down and bend backwards.

Sequence to follow.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Inversion Workshop at YY 360 this saturday

Inversion Workshop at YY 360 this saturday

Upside Down the Right Way with Anne
Saturday, March 14 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm Yoga Yoga 360
The inverted postures of yoga are some of the most beneficial yet intimidating of the asanas. Learn how to practice inversions easily through the use of props, proper alignment, and modifications. You'll learn how to develop the core strength to practice these amazing inversions! Learn the ins and outs of sirsasana (headstand) and sarvangasana (shoulderstand) B.K.S Iyengar calls these poses the father and mother of all asanas.

Call Yoga Yoga

to register

cost is 30 dollars or 15 if you are an unlimited class pass holder. You don't need to be a member of YogaYoga to attend.

Patricia Sequence courtesy of Karen Phillips

My friend, Karen Phillips, up in Dallas recently went to a week long Patricia Walden retreat. She was kind enough to share sequences and notes. Here's a day four backbending sequence with a few notes. Thought we'd work on it this friday. See you there.

ams - again, head supported
urdhva hastasana,
baddha unguliasna, urdhva namaskar (hands together) – 3 important steps for urdhva namaskar - inner armpit open, press the hands, lift from the elbow to the wrist
utkatasana - 3x with urdhva namaskar hands
then started using motion:
utkatasana => vira 1 => ams => uttanasana => urvha hasatasana
ams - hands/feet together
ams => chataranga
uttanasana => jump to chataranga then come back to ams - the band between ribs and pelvis must lift to come back to ams from chataranga, what do you do when your car is out of gas??? PUSH
vira 3 => urdhva prasritta eka padasana
urdhva prasritta eka padasana - keep head looking up as long as possible, lift leg to the max, when you've done all you can do then lower the head
uttanasana - feet together
sirsasana - variations: virasana in sirsasana keep buttocks relaxed in this, it's easier to get the knee to ceiling when buttocks relaxed, back up, the move feet hip width then parvrittaikapada, scissor legs, bend front leg, dont take the knee too far down, rotate thigh restraighte, both sides, then bend back leg take heel down toward floor not too close to buttocks , rotate thigh in, leaving heel where it is (foot heavy earth element) straighten leg
am vrksasana
pincha mayurasana - palms facing block 2x, then can do palm down
sit on chair - curve spine touch wall, stand up, motion - do 5x
urdhva dhanurasana - 3x, then go up to top of head and really work ribs there, should be on top of head longer than in full pose
dwi pada vipritta dandasana from urdhva dhanurasana, raise heels, lift from scapula, bend arms, heels to floor, shins back, place hands, lift back ribs, toes off floor,
dhanurasana to find movement between shoulderblades
dwi pada vipritta dandasana - again and again with 4 fold blanket under head for more length in armpits
ustrasana - 4 things in order: upper spine, cervical spine, sacrum in, lumbar spine lifts
urdhva namaskar belted, lifted behind neck - curve back touch wall, up
tadasana drop back to wall - find rhythm, if you can do in middle of room, do
cool down:
ams - abdomen up to broaden lumbar
virasana - twist
bharadvajasana - not as good a twist because you are letting lumbar spread, keep lumbar stiff, abdomen should move away from twist now
prasritta padottanasana - very short
lay on side with torso down on bolster, knees bent
supta swastikasana - knees on bolster, knees belted, not feet, just knees

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gillian is now teaching classes at Love Co-op

Hi Everyone,

Gillian is teaching two weekly classes at Love Co-op (2525 south lamar, unit 9)

Wednesdays from 5:00-6:15 and Fridays from 12-1.

All classes at the Love Co-op are 10 dollars cash. Check them out at

Come support Gillian and the Love Co-op.

Sequence For Friday March 6

Here's another John Shumacher sequence courtesy of Karen in Dallas.

sequence - Level III - 06/24/2008

adho muka svanasana
baddha hasta uttanasana
adho mukha vrksasna - balance
pincha mayurasana - balance
sirsasana (13 min) - variations: parsva , parvrittaikapada , eka pada, parsva eka pada, urdvha dandasana
adho mukha virasana
prasritta padottanasana
bakasana (from malasana)
sirsasana II to bakasana to sirsasana II drop over urdvha danurasana then either come down or stand up in tadasana
again - if you did the drop over do uttanasana, if you do uttansana catch ankles after the backbend bakasana will come better
pasasana variation
parsva bakasana
sirsasana II to parsva bakasana to sirsasana II to parsva bakasana other side to sirsasana II drop over urdvha danurasana